General haulage and container loads

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Driven by business

LN6 Logistics represents over 30 years in business innovation.  ​Started as the haulage arm of Aqualibrium UK Limited ​we've expanded to meet the needs of other ​local businesses and excell in the fields of Curtainside general haulage, container distribution and pallets.

Our Founder

Jeremy Heath is an established multi-business owner and mentor based in Lincolnshire. ​With ​those growing businesses came an every ​increasing need for reliable and cost effective road haulage,​ so bringing ​our road transport in-house made complete sense.

That means we have the scale to meet your business needs, combined with the down-to-earth practical approach required to get the job done. The solution for our business can be the solution for yours!

​Our Team


We recognise that drivers are the unsung heroes of the industry and we're immensely proud of our dedicated team delivering a service second-to-none.