road Haulage Driven 

by Innovation


LN6 Logistics is born of 30 years in business innovations.  From a small water softener dealer to a national leader in salt supplies, as our business grew so did our need for flexible logistics.  Innovation to meet the needs of business first lead us to create a logistics solution driven by demand for cost sensible haulage solutions.

General UK Haulage, ​full and part loads and efficient overnight container delivery from Felixstowe

  • Container Specialists. ​If you import goods through Felixstowe, ​don't leave your container deliveries to chance by relying on the shipping line for road haulage. ​We can look after your deliveries throughout he UK, whilst offering Lincoln area customers exceptional ​service including trailer drop and swop through our night trunk system.
  • Co-loading is a way to reduce your costs and make the best use of haulage capacity. We work with a number of business who have loads ​from just a single pallet upwards. This allows us to co-load shipments whilst reducing costs and environmental impact.
  • ​Special projects. Are you ​planning a warehouse move, need containers or portable buildings shifting, running an event or have a seasonal campaign? Our expert team are at your service for an hour, a week, or as long as it takes. Traction only, or with any type of trailer, we're here to help. We can even arrange specialist equipment including cranes through our trusted partners.
  • General Haulage  to manage your everyday logistics including part loads. This includes pallet distribution, inbound loads from your suppliers and sub-contracted work for owner / drivers too.