Things we strive for:

  • to be punctual and reliable
  • to maintain great communication
  • to have a consistently strong work ethic
  • to treat others how we would want to be treated
  • to demonstrate excellence in safety and compliance

In the cut-throat rough & tumble world of road haulage, we believe these simple beliefs go a long way to adding value to your business and helping us to secure long term partnerships with local, like-minded businesses.

An innovative business distributing their uniquely designed products globally found that at busy times the import agents were unable to arrange haulage for their containers within the free time allowed, or at delivery times that worked for their business. The impact of this was that they often incurred demurrage charges and had to accept container deliveries at times that were disruptive to the smooth running of their distribution centre.

Our solution: We focus on high levels of service for a small number of local customers, often declining new contracts unless we have the capacity to match. Our customers have said that working closely with us is the nearest thing to having their own dedicated vehicle – but without the headache!

A customer in the East Midlands has a fast-growing business which imports hardware products from the Far East through the Port of Felixstowe. Like most importers, they previously let their import agent arrange the road haulage to deliver the containers from the port to their warehouse. On many occasions the service was ok, but there were regular recurring issues which presented operational challenges and increased costs. A simple example is that the distribution centre is accessed by several gates and sometimes the driver would enter through the wrong one, leading to them impeding the traffic flow in the busy loading dock area and requiring some awkward reversing, causing a time delay and safety risk. Because the import agent contracted the haulage to a number of firms within the port area, who in turn often sub-contracted, it was rarely the same driver and so despite providing instructions, the problem repeated.

Our solution: After switching their container deliveries to LN6 Logistics, we took the time to take precise instructions from the customer, producing a simple A4 information sheet issued to our own drivers detailing the exact process and route, meaning that each container was delivered correctly and efficiently, saving the business time and reducing risk.

A Lincolnshire customer has containers which are unloaded by hand, the goods having been stacked loosely inside to maximise capacity. Depending on the goods, there could be a few hundred to several thousand individual boxes to handle, palletise and unload. This intense activity exceeded the capacity of the regular warehouse staff so temporary workers would be arranged through an employment agency. The inbound container deliveries were arranged through the shipping line and would often arrive late and would occasionally be cancelled at short notice, creating unnecessary delays and cost to the business and uncertainty for the workers who would either have to be paid to wait or be sent home, only to return the next day.

Our solution: By switching their inbound container deliveries to LN6 Logistics, we were able to bring the containers to our Lincoln depot overnight, meaning it’s just a short hop to the customer’s premises, increasing on-time deliveries. By focussing on providing excellence to just a small number of customers, we’re able to ensure adequate resources to avoid last minute cancellations and delays due to capacity issues.

A local importer has a steady stream of 40’ High Cube containers delivered to their warehouse by hauliers based within the port area. They typically contain a large number of identical small cartons, with multiple products, sometimes only differentiated by a single digit of the product code on the carton. Despite their experience, the team would need to take extreme care when unloading and palletising the boxes to avoid product crossovers. This took time, and often far exceeded the free unloading time of 3 hours, leading to heavy penalties imposed by the haulier, who themselves were under pressure to return the empty container to the port as quickly as possible whilst complying with the complex driving and working time regulations. These unwelcome extra charges would mean that the cost price of every single item on the container would have to be manually re-calculated, with the extra costs reducing the profit margin on the product, leading directly to less profit for the business.

Our solution: At LN6 Logistics we approached this issue from the customer’s point of view, and concluded that the best option was to deliver the container early in the morning and simply leave it with them for the whole day – or even longer if required, giving them plenty of time to unload with care, ensuring every product was segregated correctly – and with no additional charges. After a short trial period, we were awarded a permanent contract. They later found an additional benefit. Sometimes the inbound goods required an element of re-working before being placed in the finished goods area of their warehouse. This had previously been done as a separate task, taking time and blocking aisles with multiple pallets of stock. Under the new system, they found that they could re-work the products as they were unloaded, allowing them to go straight into stock to meet customer orders, smoothing product flow and saving a massive amount of time.

A thriving local business found that they were wasting a huge amount of time phoning their import agent with road haulage related queries, checking containers were due on time, negotiating available delivery slots and generally having to chase with all sorts of haulage related queries. Because they subcontracted the work, the agents, in turn, took time to respond, adding to the communication burden and making the game of telephone tag a daily activity.

Our solution: When they switched their container deliveries to LN6 Logistics we relieved that burden by working to a detailed and systemised plan. We are able to carry out the day-to-day deliveries for the customer whilst maintaining “radio silence”, communicating by email for occasional updates or amendments. They are assured of prompt communication if there was ever an issue, but the time previously spent on the daily chase was put to better use for the benefit of the business.